Invited Speaker, Plenary Lectures, and Refereed Conference Papers


International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture, paper: “Never Alone? From Sacred Myth to Secular Play: Transferring Ancient Traditions to Digital Games”. Seoul, South Korea.


Video Gaming and Culture, Society, and Religion. Establishment of an International Multidisciplinary Network. Invited Speaker: “Ritual in the Gaming World: Forms, Functions, and Fabrications.” University of Helsinki, Finland.


International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture, paper: Co-Locating the Sacred in Cyberspace: Examining the Developing Role of Online Ritual within the Tibetan Diaspora. Canterbury, England.


Religion in the Digital Age: Mediating the Human in a Globalizing Asia, invited Speaker: Co-Locating the Sacred Center: Examining the Developing Role of the Internet and WWW within Tibetan Diaspora Religion. NYU Center for Religion and Media.

CRESC Conference: Invulnerabilities and Social Change: Precarious Lives and Social Change, paper: Virtual Tibet: Threats, Challenges, and Benefits. School of Oriental and Asian Studies: London, England.

Religions and Social Innovations Conference, paper: Far Away, So Close: Examining the Developing Role of the Internet within Tibetan Diaspora Religion. St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto.


Cyberspace 2012 International Conference, paper: Virtual Ritual: The Really Real in Cyberspace. Masaryk University, Brno, Prague.

AGNS, Halifax, Canada. Sacred Skin? Tattooing as a Mark of the Divine.

The Center for Media, Religion, and Culture, University of Boulder. International Conference on Digital Religion. Online Ritual.

International Conference on Digital Religion, paper: Virtual Tibet: Maintaining Identity through Computer Networks.  The Center for Media, Religion, and Culture, University of Boulder.


American Academy of Religion, paper: Online Ritual.  Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Digital Dharma Symposium: University of California, Chico. Virtual Tibet.

Texas A & M University: Department of Communications. Approaching Ritual Online.

The Center for Media, Religion, and Culture, University of Boulder. Digital Religion.


How Virtual is Reality? Invited Speaker, Religion on the Internet: A Historical Overview. Sponsored by Volkswagen Stiftung. Bremen University, Germany.


American Academy of Religion, paper: (Virtually) Been There, (Virtually) Done That: Ritual Practice of the Hip and Wired in the Hindu Tradition.   Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

Society for the Anthropology of Religion, paper: Engineering an Alternative Ending: Creating Utopian Communities and Sacred Space in Cyberspace. Asilomar, California.


Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual: University of Heidelberg, Germany. From Cyberspace to Sacred Space: Utilizing the Internet and World Wide Web for Ritual Engagement.

University of King’s College. Religion in Cyberspace. Sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation.


Google Tech Talk, Google International Headquarters, Mountain View California. From Cyberspace to Sacred Space: examining the Religious Revolution Occurring on the World Wide Web.  Available online at

University of King’s College. Religion in Cyberspace.  Sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation.

Cape Breton University: Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology. Internet Communion, Virtual Faith, and Cyber Pilgrimage: Examining the New Face of Religion in the Wired West.

Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences; Canadian Communications Association, paper: From Cyberspace to Sacred Space: Can Virtual Religious Rituals be Real Religious Practices? Vancouver, Canada.


Cross-Currents, Paper: Christian Fundamentalism, Red States and the Republic: Fear and loathing in the Promised Land. Dalhousie University.

5th International Conference on Religion, Media, and Culture: Sigtuna, Sweden. Religion Online: Looking Toward Third Wave Research.

31st Spalding Symposium on Indian Religions: Oxford University, Jesus College. Virtual Sacrifice and Internet Puja: Examining the Impact and Implications of Long Distanced Ritual Practice from the Hindu Diaspora.


American Academy of Religion, paper: Diaspora Religion and the Internet: The Costs and Benefits of a Wired World.  Special panel on religion and the Internet.  Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.


Between Online Religion and Religion Online: Forms of Ritual Transfer on the Internet, Evaluating, Assessing, and comparing Online Religion and Virtual Community: A Proposed Methodology. Second International Conference on Religion and Computer Mediated Communication, University of Heidelberg, Germany.


CSSR Congress of the Humanities and the Social Sciences, paper: I Clone Therefore I Am: Examining the Raelian Movement’s Link Between Science and Religion. Annual Meeting, Halifax, NS.


Special Joint Session of the American Sociological Association and the Association for the Sociology of Religion, paper: Popular Religion and the World Wide Web: A Match made in [Cyber]Heaven. Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Queen’s University: Department of Religion Speaker Series. Searching for the Sacred: Religion in Cyberspace.


Religious Encounters in Digital Networks: University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The Syncretic Inducement of Online Religion: Charting the Paths of Religious Participation on the Web.


American Academy of Religion, paper: Virtual Communitas, Online Religion and the Mythic Dimension of the Internet. Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN.


Religion and Science: Tension, Accommodation and Engagement, paper: New Technology within New Religions: Pushing the paradigms of Traditional Religion and Science. Ohio Sate University, Columbus, Ohio.


Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, paper: Science and the Sacred: Incorporating Technology in New Religious Belief Systems. Montreal, Quebec.